Thursday, June 29, 2023

Swipe or Homage: Frazetta & Buscema

 The Frazetta hand is from the mid 60s, and the Buscema one is from the early 70s.

Did Roy Thomas tell Buscema to do it Ala Frazetta. The woman on the cover (Savage Tales #1) has the same posed (flipped) as the earlier Frazatta painting as well.

                                                      Buscema hand

                                          Frazetta hand

All art © respective owners.

Monday, June 26, 2023

30 Tips for Comic-Con, 2023, San Diego, SDCCI, be there!!


art by Rick Geary

1) Wear comfortable shoes with good padding.

2) Drink plenty of water.

3) Bring money to buy your special items. You can get some bargains at the end of the show, but you risk that the item is sold out.

4) Be ready to stand in line for many events and booths, you may need to get a get ticket prior to a signing at the Sails section on the upper floor--check the times, usually 6-9 am every morning.

5) Check the health status for attending the convention--check the SDCC website for rules.

6) You can buy SDCC merchandise online and then pick it up in person, including at the Cartoonist Across America & the World booth.

7) Look for cancelled appearances or events, pick up the update sheets or try the unofficial blog.

8) Harbor Blvd. may be closed off--plan ahead for your ride, check the site.

9) Check out the San Diego Zoo not just Comic-Con events, or maybe take a visit to the Comic-Con Museum.

10) There are many evening events, some at adjoining hotels, fields, theaters, and related areas.

11) Be kind and shower--many people everywhere. Be courteous and give folks room.

12) There is a child badge w/adult ticket, see the website for info., this is usually done onsite.

13) Bring pens and paper if you want autographs.

14) Be kind to artists, event folks, cosplayers, and each other--all here to have fun and stay safe.

15) Bring snacks--you will need them while waiting in line or sitting in halls, same with water. The coffee and snack lanes may be long.

16) Don't leave your items anywhere, including coaster, train, trolley, rooms, and convention center. Make sure to take your belongings with you--double check as you leave.

17) Do not carry big or heavy items--check them in to your hotel, or better yet, check them in at coat check at the lobby of the convention floor.

18) There are plenty of things to do outside of the convention. There are literally hundreds of giveaways, tents, and folks giving out great goodies outside the convention area. Check out the food in the Gaslamp district.

19) There are many, many panels full of actors, writers, artists, and fans. Take a look and attend a panel.
There is a panel by Emilio Soltero, Figure Drawing for Popular media---Thursday afternoon. See the schedule for more info.

20) Take public transportation (Red Trolley, bus, shuttle), carpool with friends and family, walk, bike, ferry, or jog.

21) There is a souvenir book that you can download for free--at the Comic-Con website.

22) Support the artists from artist alley, many of them actual create comics--y'know, what the convention is named after.

23) Get earlier to a panel, there might be a long line hours prior. This way you can make sure to get in.

24) Some events and signings require a ticket prior---check it out first.

25) You will do lots of walking, and there will be many things to see---plan out your schedule if you can.

26) Stay at a hotel where you can take a shuttle or the red trolley.

27) Some of your favorite artists or writers may be present, prepare and bring your books to get signed. Check the signing times.

28) Unfortunately, there are some thieves, watch your bags, if on the trolley or shuttle make sure to look back--that you did not forget anything. Some folks may try to distract you. 98% of the folks are great but you need to be careful.

29) If you make the trip to old town (SD--red trolley) look for some restaurants that have homemade tortillas, flour and corn.

30) Panels and signings may only take place on certain days---make sure you get there on time. If you do not have a pass for the day you want, maybe a friend can get to the signing of your choice.

Monday, June 19, 2023

A tribute to John Romita by Emilio Soltero


spider man across the spider verse, IT is Worth Watching


This movie perhaps is the best superhero movie.

The plot, story, design, and pace all work together.

It has a diverse cast, and Gwen is given a bigger role in this one. The movie is extremely fast paced but easy to follow. There are graphics upon graphics running per second, with a strobe light like lighting that may not be suitable for those folks affected by such lights. The sound is a little different as is the art.

The story line is strong running with the heroes, the villain, Miles' family, Puerto Rican culture, and the heavy concept of lost throughout the movie, and throughout the Spider-Verse.

It is recommended for families, maybe not for toddlers.

4 to 5 stars easily.

There is also a nod to the comic artists: Al Williamson, Mark Bagley, Leonardi, and others.

The Great Sergio Aragones and Comic-Con

Sergio will Not be at Comic-Con 2023.

But he is planning for 2024. Support this hard working cartoonist.

He is like the James Brown of comics---working all year long.

He has worked for Mad, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse....and he has worked on his own character, e.g. Groo, and some with M.E., such as Magnor.

Que Viva Sergio!

My favorite Aragones books are his Funnies, and the "Solo" one he did at DC.

Tickets for Comic-Con, 2023, yes!

 Check out EBAY for official Comic-con tickets available now. The sales support Comic-Con itself.

art by Rick Geary.

Soltero art: copies of Gorillas in the Mix available at BudPlant Illustrated art books

  A new art book from Emilio Soltero

It is filled with 64 pages of top notch images, sketches, finished art, different mediums, some in color, some B/W (but even those are scanned in full color --ala artist editions).

Comic size, card stock covers, perfect bound, signed, and includes a limited full color rare bookmark by Soltero, of Wanto, age 44, who died at the Knoxville Zoo.

Now available at Bud's Art Books.

But that's not all---you also get some art by Arthur Adams (of those nice Spider-Man covers), Gilbert Hernandez (Love and Rockets), Peter Kuper (Mad magazine), Thomas Yeates (of Tarzan and Prince Valiant), and Kevin Nowlan (Batman, Dr, Strange).

The theme of this book is gorillas, the book is also a fundraiser for gorilla conservation, and partial proceeds for tree planting effort as well.

Testimonials and blurbs from Frank Frazetta, Dr. Seuss, and the late great, Pop Artist, Wayne Thiebaud.

Zura from a print by Emilio Soltero, © 2020. This image also appears in the book, in a slightly different format. Zura died recently in S.F., CA.

Recent art from Emilio.

John Romita on following Steve Ditko

 John Romita was rightfully reticent to take over the art chores on The Amazing Spider-Man after Steve Ditko left. Romita came through with a slight variation to his art to look like Ditko's but within one year Romita's style came through. Romita later went on to the draw the comic strip as well, and his son John Romita Jr. later drew Spider-man himself.

Condolences to his family, friends, and fans.

Image © respective owner, designer.

Romita kept expecting Ditko to return, thinking why anyone would leave the second best selling title at Marvel.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Dr. Soltero presents at Comic-Con, 2023, SDCCI

 The popular, Figure Drawing, demonstration usually takes place at SDCC.

Join us and draw from live models, see real time demonstrations on figure drawing.

Only at Comic-Con...and related venues.

The Kevin Nowlan Marvel IDW book is highly recommended.


"The Kevin Nowlan Marvel IDW book is highly recommended.

For artists and fans alike this book has been anticipated for many years.

Kevin Nowlan’s work depicts his understanding of pre-production and its final presentation at bookstores, including his use of thick outlines, high contrast shading with his use of black shapes, and fine tuned  delicate lines ala the finest of Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta.

Nowlan use of shadows and black shapes, with his inks, guides the viewer eyes across the page to a focal point on a cover, or as a narrative indicator within interior pages.

Kevin Nowlan is rightfully known as a master with his use of color in painting, and his skills in typography and lettering (see his Moonshadow work) are fully displayed with the inclusion of his ManThing fully painted graphic, and examples of his lettering is included throughout the entire book.

This book is highly recommended."

Emilio Soltero

Kevin is a Renaissance artist of today!