Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dr. Soltero to present at SDCC Intl 2016 UPDATE

Dr. Soltero will present yet another free figure drawing workshop at Comic Con International, SDCC, this July, most likely in the evening. A few rare books will be given away, special guests.
If you are a cosplayer please join us as a model at the event--most likely in the evening--more info. to follow.

There will be some extra artists joining the presentation. The event will be Fri. evening with specific details coming soon. Artists bring your drawing materials.  This has been a popular panel for drawing levels, including professionals.

Friday, room 30 C,D,E, 7pm-8pm, with some special guests. July 22, 2016.

David Lloyd of V for Vendetta fame along with Alan Moore has a cool website

David LLoyd runs an awesome website with stories from many awesome writers and artists, featuring Herb Trimpe, James Hudnall, Steve Bissette, and many others.

You can even get free samples, showing you the quality of the work." I spoke with Mr. David Lloyd about it at last year's SDCC," Soltero said.

Check them out, really, at
On a related, collaborative, note Alan Moore's Jerusalem is ready for orders at Amazon.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Darwyn Cooke has passed

The great comic book artist and writer has died at the age of 53. He worked on animation and comic book projects. I believe he was scheduled to attend the upcoming San Diego Comic Con International. He died from cancer and he will be missed by his fans and family.

"I met him once or twice and he was very cordial," Soltero.

His most famous work is New Frontiers from DC.
He had a unique style, a retro look but one that never existed. He had a way with two tones, and flat colors, with an expressionistic application.

Another great project that he worked on was the Parker series of graphic novels.

Darwyn also had an awesome team-up with Gilbert Hernandez on the Twilight Children from Vertigo.