Wednesday, July 24, 2019

David Lloyd, of V for Vendetta fame, visited Comic-Con 2019

David Lloyd again made it out to Comic-Con to promote his Aces Weekly digital comics.
He is an ambassador for the future of comics. A true gentleman, visionary, and spokesperson for graphic art.

Arvell Jones, co-creator of Misty Knight, finally gets his InkPot Award at Comic-Con!

Arvell Jones received his InkPot Award at SDCC, Comic-Con 2019, decades after he became a professional comic artist.

He also shared the staged with Emilio Soltero at a drawing panel. Arvell spoke if his time at Marvel, going to work shops given by the late John Buscema, and designing poster for the first Black Panther movie---the final posters were the teaser posters for the hit movie.

Arvell was at ease as he drew and explained laying out a comic page.

Mason also joined the panel and was gracious enough to let Arvell finish off his set.

Crystal Aquino was the brilliant model