Saturday, December 1, 2018

Stan Lee picks Stockton, CA for the Fantastic Four

Before Stockton got a bad rap it was recognized as the birthplace of the Fantastic Four, the FF.

Joe Field, who as a DJ at the time, thought the Kirby image showed the FF landing right about the vicinity of Stockton, California.

Joe and the fine folks at Al's Comic shop started a campaign.

Marvel and Stan Lee agreed, and the site became official. Stan Lee even made a special trip to Stockton at Al's comic shop.

Al's continues to operate today by the same father and son team, Al & Mike.

Joe went on to many great things, running his comic book store chain, Flying Colors, co-creating Wonder Con, creating Free Comic Book Day, and a professional group, ComicsPro.

This season, make an effort to check out these brick & mortar stores.

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