Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Carola Christina Standertskjöld-Liemola, a singer worth looking for

Carola Standertskjöld sang a beautiful version of Perfidia.

She died over 20 years ago, Nov. 12, 1997.
A multilingual artist, she recorded in numerous languages.

She also recorded These are a Few of my Favorite Things.

Carola was Finnish descent.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Superman Christopher Reeves movie plays at theater Dec 3rd

Superman states he's for, "Truth, Justice, and the American way."

Lois tells, "then you will have to fight all of the crooked politicians."

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Stan Lee picks Stockton, CA for the Fantastic Four

Before Stockton got a bad rap it was recognized as the birthplace of the Fantastic Four, the FF.

Joe Field, who as a DJ at the time, thought the Kirby image showed the FF landing right about the vicinity of Stockton, California.

Joe and the fine folks at Al's Comic shop started a campaign.

Marvel and Stan Lee agreed, and the site became official. Stan Lee even made a special trip to Stockton at Al's comic shop.

Al's continues to operate today by the same father and son team, Al & Mike.

Joe went on to many great things, running his comic book store chain, Flying Colors, co-creating Wonder Con, creating Free Comic Book Day, and a professional group, ComicsPro.

This season, make an effort to check out these brick & mortar stores.