Monday, November 12, 2018

Stan Lee dies at age 95, just shy of his 96th birthday

He started as a young man working for Simon Kirby at Timely. He went on to co- create plenty of iconic heroes with Jack Kirby. He later became editor and was distantly related to Martin Goodman the publisher.

He went to the same high school as Will Eisner, The DeWitt Clinton High School.

Along with Jack Kirby, Lee co-created important Marvel characters with Steve Ditko, who also died this year. Lee's wife passed away two years ago.

"I was thinking of Stan last night and his place in comic book history. He once took a moment to take a submission of drawings from a 14 year I got a reply (rejection) a few months later. The work was not up to par but at least he had someone write me a letter--and he did not forget.

Stan also made Stockton, CA the birth place of the Fantastic Four."  Soltero

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