Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sergio Aragones is at Stockton COn today and tomorrow.

Sergio is located in the artist alley. He mentioned the awesome news that he is writing a Tarzan story, drawn with Thomas Yeates (of Prince Valiant fame), along with Mark Evanier. Aragones won the Iconic Icon award at San Diego Comic Con SDCC less than a month ago.

In other news, there will be a book on all of his work originally published in Mexico. This book is still in press.

Aragones also attended the Simpson's panel, along with Phil Ortiz, and Tone Rodriquez. Phil mentioned and recounted how he first visualized Apu. Aragones mentioned his huge collection of Simpson collectibles. His favorite Simpson character is Maggie, Phil's is Sideshow Bob, and Tone likes Radioactive Man. All of the artists spent time drawing for the ELMO screen.

Ron Lim was also present at the convention.

Sergio also has a new Groo series: Fray of the Gods. Looks to be one of the Best Groo story lines.

Tom Yeates created an image that was later turned into a mosaic.

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